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If you are facing criminal charges, give us a call at Stenger, Diamond & Glass, LLP to find out how we can help.  Our team of dedicated attorneys will provide you with honest advice and help you to build your case—whether a trial is involved or not.

I have been accused of a crime. Now what do I do?

Here are some of the situations we have helped New York State residents successfully navigate:

If you are facing any of these types of charges, talk to us before you do anything else.  We can help you put together a strategic defense, protect your rights, and achieve favorable results.


Why choose Stenger, Diamond & Glass, LLP to defend you?

When it comes to defending criminal charges, you need a diligent team of investigators. At Stenger, Roberts, Davis & Diamond, LLP, our attorneys pore over the evidence. We examine every square inch of detail. We interview every necessary party and prepare for anything so that we are ready to fight from the moment we step foot into the courtroom.

We have extensive experience in litigation, not only from trying criminal cases but also civil cases. We like to be in the courtroom, and excel there, too. This is the kind of legal representation you want on your side. Call us today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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