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NY Liquor License Attorney

How well do you know the liquor laws for New York State?  Do you know the type of license you will need?  What are the costs involved?  Can you apply for a liquor license on your own?

Obtaining a liquor license in New York State can be a lengthy and challenging process, particularly without the assistance of an experienced NY liquor license attorney in the Hudson Valley. Depending on the nature of your business and the type of license you are seeking, you may need approvals from federal, state and local government agencies before you can open your doors.  SDG Law has extensive experience representing bars, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, liquor stores, golf courses, catering halls, taverns, breweries, cideries, wineries, and numerous other types of establishments.  SDG Law helps clients accurately and precisely navigate through the complexities of laws and regulations and avoid pitfalls at each stage of the licensing process.  Without the proper legal representation, your application can be delayed or rejected, which will stall or entirely prevent your opening or expansion, and ultimately will cost you money.

Operational Questions and Disciplinary Matters

After you have been issued your license, it is important to continue to comply with the rules of the New York State Liquor Authority in your business operations. Failure to adhere to its guidelines can lead to citations and fines, and even possible revocation of your liquor license.  SDG Law can assist you in understanding the privileges of your license to help you avoid issues, and in contesting and resolving administrative and disciplinary proceedings before the New York Liquor Authority.

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SDG Law also provides comprehensive legal services for businesses, including entity formation, employee matters, vendor and distributor contracts, shareholder or partnership agreements, and commercial leasing and real estate. You can learn more about these services here.

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