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Valhalla Crash

Valhalla Crash

  • July 26, 2017

SDG Law believes in going above and beyond for our clients. In 2015, we represented one of the surviving victims of the February 3, 2015 Valhalla train crash. We said then that the design of the third-rail was a major reason the accident had been so catastrophic. Now, nearly two and a half years later, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has agreed, saying, “contributing to the severity of the accident was the third rail penetrating the passenger compartment of the lead passenger railcar and the post-accident fire.”

Tom Davis, an attorney at SDG Law, wasn’t just concerned with getting compensation for the victims of the accident, but got involved with taking steps to make sure such an event never happened again. He invited U.S. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney to meet with survivors, an invitation he graciously accepted. “It was important for these victims to know what steps were being taken on a federal level to avoid something like this from happening again,” informs Mr. Davis. Rep. Maloney is on the House Transportation Committee which has jurisdiction over many issues involving commuter rail lines. He is co-sponsor of recent legislation to provide funding for positive train control. He is also co-sponsor of a bill to provide funding to eliminate train/car crossings at grade (the Valhalla crash involved such a crossing.

While our job is to get victims compensation, we also feel it is our obligation to play a role in making sure accidents don’t reoccur. “As a local law firm, we are invested in the community, and want to make sure we look at all the details so something like this doesn’t happen again,” says Mr. Davis.

SRDD never stops fighting for its clients.  We are not afraid to investigate controversial issues to ensure that the safety of the community isn’t being jeopardized and that justice is done.

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